Saturday, July 31, 2010

Greed Equals Pain !!!

We come on this planet for a relatively short time. A hundred years is stretching it a little bit but let's just imagine that this figure is average. And what do we do while here? We create wars, wars and more wars everywhere. Why is this? Why do we kill others when death is inevitable? Why can't we enjoy our time here and be thankful and create a place where our experience here is never harrowing. But no!! Our leaders want to fight .. they want to acquire .... they want to shorten other people's lives .... they want to go down in history ..... and for what?

Of course, wars are a necessary evil to protect us from the enemy. But the enemy is something that we make ourselves. If we never bother about attacking and acquiring, then there will be no such thing as enemy and if there is no enemy then there isn't the need to protect and be protected. It all boils down to GREED !!!!

Greed is the devil!!! It is the curse of everyone and everything. It is that which brings about pain and suffering. It is that which blinds us to reality. It is that which makes us forget that we are not here forever. It is that which changes dynamics in small groups and societies. It is that which has replaced God (the gods) in our lives.

Why can't we realise that this has been happening since the Garden of Eden's times and its consequences were never positive. After all this time, do we believe that something good can come out of it? Not really. Why not work hard and create a better, safer, happier and fairer world for everyone? This buffles me!!

This picture was taken in Berlin (somewhere near the Berlin Wall)!!!


  1. very deep Rob. It might be an idea to also moot some of the ideas on your MA thesis on this blog, that way you can get feedback and opinions which might inspire you while writing .... as you say here, its so strange how some people make darkness in life and feel that is their role ... I wonder if its nature, genes, upbringing or THE DEVIL. I wonder. Very interesting blog, kudos.

  2. hey Mark, thanks so much for your comment and your suggestion. It actually is a fantastic idea, never thought of it before. I should actually do as you suggested because ultimately no two persons see life the same. And life has taught me that over and over again. I really appreciate your feedback.

    Now, I think it's time for you to update yours a little bit because I keep going there and find nothing new. Your messages and comments are always very inspiring.

    Bless and thanks alot.

  3. Rob, it's crazy how you just managed to express a subject that troubles me in simple words!And just like Mark I do wonder what is the reason... it that we humans are evil by nature???

  4. Donna are you the Donna that i know (my awesome cousin). I have a feeling that you are because of the negative attitude towards human nature !! LOL ... not sure what the answer is to be quite honest but yes, when you see these things happening you just wonder ....... but what is happening here? Why is it that we can't realise that living in peace is so much a better alternative than living in wars and division. but then again, maybe peace does not generate money and power.

    having said that though i believe that if we had to list all the good things good people do the list would surely be endless. but as they say: bad news sells. it is true that it looks like we're living in a mad mad mad and bad world and that all politicians seem to be going crazy (especially here in Malta, corruption is blinding them to hell) .. however, they are not the majority but rather the minority in society. so what I mean is that yes, their actions/words/decisions are all over the world and media because they have the power and that, but we are not giving the good that happens the same importance. if that was the case, trust me ....... they would not be making any sound at all !!!

    Therefore, evil is loud but human nature is good !!!!