Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life Is Like A River (09.09.2004)

Life is like a River
It always flows
Without ever stopping
… Down
… Down

Sometimes it’s Calm
Sometimes it’s Rough
But always in Motion nonetheless

Activity above it
Activity below it
Just like our Life
… External activity
… Internal activity

… Boats and Ships
… Fishes and Sharks
… Small things
… Big things
But Events nonetheless

Some are Insignificant
… Like Boats and Fishes
Some are Significant
… Like Ships and Sharks
Some are Harmless
Some are Harmful
But always moving down

Sometimes it’s Gray
Sometimes it’s Blue
Sometimes it’s Cold
Sometimes it’s Warm
But whatever
It’s always moving
And we can’t stop it.

Well, we can for a short while
But it’s Unnatural
… Boats and Ships are meant to move
… Fishes and Sharks are meant to swim
Not to stay put
That’s the way it is!!

Life is like a River
… Always moving
… Moving always
Without stopping
… Down
… Down

This is a poem I wrote a few years ago. Actually, I can't believe it has been that long!! I can still remember the emotion which compelled me to pen it down. The meaning of life has always been one of those things which interested me ever since I was a young child. I always felt that there is something beyond the present, beyond that which the senses can sense!! Of course, even to this day I am still trying to search for AN answer rather than THE answer, because I believe that there is the possibility of many!!


  1. A truly beautiful poem and so significant ... how sad to not have time to examine life and expressions of life, like this poem, remind us that we have to stop and take stock or life will be over and we will not have grown with it ... love the picture of the sea. More pictures, your photography is a gift.

  2. Hey thanks so much for the encouraging comment dear Mark. Oh yeah, you are so totally right. Sometimes, I guess we are caught up in this frenzy rat race and forget what we are actually on this planet for !!! I am sure that God did not bother creating and designing this universe for a mad race like this is .... therefore, we need to find the time to still our minds and souls and think of higher and more eternal truths I guess.

    Thanks alot !!!
    Will be posting more pictures for sure