Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Best Day I Remember (08.09.2004)

The best day I remember
Is the Second Day of December.
The day when Fate,
Which is so Sweet,
Decided that You and Me

The best day of my Life.
I have never ever felt this much alive.
The day when Light,
Which is so Pure,
Decided that You and Me
Be together,

Ah what a lovely little poem. It is indeed one of the very short poems I ever wrote but very much to the point. There are those days in our lives which Time will never (because it cannot)steal away from us but are eternally locked in the depths of our hearts and souls. This is such a day for me. It was the beginning of my second birth where suddenly life became meaningful. It was the day when life felt like it was going somewhere and going somewhere with someone who was also going somewhere. It was the day where for the first time ever I started to believe that goodness can actually exist and walk on two legs !!! It was the day where my old life died (happily) and a new one started. A very special and precious day.

I know that years have passed, and Time does somehow manipulate us in its own way. Time brings change and change can be either for the better or for the worse, but let me tell you this ..... the nature of that Love has remained the same. Thanks for everything. XXX


  1. hey there my dear and precious friend thanks so much for the feedback ........... aaww it is sweet i have to say ........... and i'm sure you know what it is all about LOL X