Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Star: The Star That Has Just Died !!!!

I just cannot believe that this beauty has actually just died. Not sure if it is something right or wrong because this poor creature has been through alot in her short and unfortunate life. The deep sadness that I feel every time I look at her picture just punctures my heart and at the same time fills it with inexpressible anger. The unanswerable questions still lingers in my head ... Why?

Of course, no one deserves to be treated like this and of course there are other horrible things that shape up around us everyday but I find that cruelty towards animals is actually worse. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way saying that mistreating humans is not wrong, but to do such things to an innocent animal for no reason at all because there simply can never be a reason is unforgiveable and the 'creature' behind this (can't call him neither animal nor human) should suffer for the rest of his sad and evil life. This is pure evil, nothing more nothing less !!!

Sometimes we hear of cases where one human kills the other and so on and so forth. Of course, these are sad situations and I wish that such events never happened but most of the time there is only a reason (no matter how twisted and sick it can be) which can for some reason or other justify the wrong action. Justify in the sense that one offends the other, hurts, bruised and so on ........... and of course, as we are hot-blooded animals we instinctively seek to take revenge. As I said, it is wrong to kill ALWAYS but one can see where the action is coming from. But in the case of animals, particularly in Star's case, what evil intentional action could she have carried out? Why shoot her and then bury her alive? Why all this deliberate torture? Why?

This is unforgiveable and I'm sure that the person responsible will be eventually caught and fingers crossed will be made to experience torture because to cause torture to others needs to be experienced by the offender himself. It has to take the soul of an evil 'creature' to consciously and deliberately commit such an act. How can this 'creature' sleep at night? Carry on with his life as if he had done nothing wrong? My gosh, who can this 'creature' be? Because let's face it ................ can you imagine him being hurt/offended by some other human being? Can you imagine what he can actually do in that situation? We need to be protected from such breathing evil threats !!! Does he have a wife? Does he have children? Are there lives in danger? We need to open our eyes and ears and start looking for this 'creature'.

There is another thing which I cannot figure out as yet. Star is not a stray so she must have belonged to someone obviously. Is it possible that no one knows who she used to belong to? Or is this 'creature' so vile and evil that everyone is afraid to point him out and expose him .......... this is indeed a worrying situation.

Precious Star, I'm so sorry that you had to suffer such cruely and that your life had to be terminated at such a young age but for some reason or other you were not destined to beautiful things. The only thing which consoles me is the fact that at least I know that you died surrouned by people who love you together with an entire nation crazy about you !!!! This is already a JUSTIFICATION Star. Forgive us !!! Forgive those who are not giving information in order to find out who did this thing and prevent further similar atrocious actions. Now you are rested and I have no doubt you are in Paradise as well. I mean if you are not in Paradise then who the hell should be there ........... ?????

Always in our hearts Star