Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Books (08.09.2004)

A Book
Is a printed Friend
… Close at hand

You can find yourself in it
You can read about yourself in it
You can understand yourself in it
You can plan your dreams in it

It teaches you
It guides you
It empowers you
It re-invents you

Explodes the power of your Imagination
Makes you Soul Sensitive
To the World around you
… Understand it better
… Deeper

Helps you escape
The World when it’s painful
… Enter a fancy World
Of Fairies and Hobbits
And their bloody funny feet!!!

Thank you Authors
For your books

As I said in my profile, reading is one of the greatest passions I have in my life. For this reason, I decided a long time ago to write a poem about them. Books are great friends and companions. They open windows ......... they broaden horizons.

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