Friday, August 13, 2010

Viva Santa Marija !!! Another Unnecessary Tragedy !!!

And it happened once again. Once again, life was deliberately taken away and nothing I'm sure is ever going to happen about it. What does it take for the authorities to realise that life is precious and should not be intentionally put in danger. It is not like this thing happens once in a blue moon, actually once in a blue moon this tragedy doesn't happen. And why? Do we really believe that God needs this madness? I just hope that these poor victims won't find a bigger tragedy waiting for them due to idolatory. Because this all boils down to idolatory.

This has to stop. Too many lives have been claimed, too many families have been broken and shattered forever. All these fireworks leave us with is an increasing number of widows and fatherless children. And lifelong scars. Why? When are we going to learn that this is an unnatural thing? Why should feasts be celebrated this way? Why is it that even though we know that this has actually claimed life, it is in our very human nature to think that others can die except us. But we're wrong !!! Death looks at no faces, places, and races. It comes and it goes. It never stops its journey.

Now we will be faced with leaders saying how sorry they are and all that usual crap and life will go on just the same. I'm more than sure that even while I'm writing, some other idiot is in some fireworks factory thinking that everybody can die (of course) bar him. How stupid !!! How sad !!! How pathetic !!! How selfish !!! How immature !!!

This has to stop. It is having a negative long term effect on society in general as well. Children are being brought up without their fathers for starters and denied that which by nature ought to be theirs. Of course, fathers die due to illness and that is part of life, but to deliberately work in such places when you have a family (even if you don't) .... it just sounds like suicide to me .... nothing else, and just like suicide it is ultimate selfishness. These children's life will have to change now of course and they might not also be given the opportunities they could have had, had their fathers thought of them more than the bloody feast they paganly celebrate.

Anyway, fingers crossed something happens. Laws have to be changed. It just cannot carry on. We need to realise that death is final and irreversible !!! We need to realise that yes, it can happen to all of us. We need to realise that idolatory has always rubbed God the wrong way !!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

How Can I Ever .... (08.09.2004)

How Funny Life is
At times.
Strange things happen …
We might not always manage to understand
While they’re shaping up
But nonetheless
They make Perfect Sense
After they’ve happened.

God works in Mysterious Ways
That I believe
For I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.
It’s needed to endure pain
Because then
You can understand
The Beauty of Beautiful Things.
We need Opposites …
… To Understand
… To Experience
… To Appreciate

How can I ever dare to say I’m Happy
If I was never deeply Sad?
How can I ever think to say I’m Living
If I was never deeply Dead?

How can I ever dare to say I’m Rich
If I was never truly Poor?
How can I ever think of saying I’m Loving
If my heart was never truly Sore?

This picture was taken last year during one awesome winter afternoon walk. This area is magnificent as it is purely natural and thus it brings God to my higher level of consciousness.

Judas Iscariot - Saint or Demon ??

Right now I'm going through a phase of feeling rather sorry for Judas Iscariot. He has always been discarded as evil and not so many people (including me) give him much of our time and consideration. But then, when you stop and think you do realise that maybe we ought to thank him. This might come as shocking I know !!
But logic dictates that someone had to set the chain of events in motion in order for us to be saved by the death and resurrection of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. That is how God wanted things to happen because we could have been saved through other different ways. In this light, then shouldn't we be grateful for Judas for accepting to be the one to set this chain in motion? I don't think I would have accepted this 'plan' but for some reason or other he did.

The Gospel of Judas makes it quite clear that he was the only one who really and truly understood Jesus' nature and message whereas the other eleven were blinded by the conception and perception of 'their God rather than 'God'. They are the ones who were blinded by the blood shed in martrydom, something which Judas makes clear that God is not after. Rather, God does not need our death but our life. And when you stop and think about it, it makes perfect sense. God is the giver of life and He gives us life to live it, and live it to the full. What is the point of giving a life when it is expected to be given in return? If God can do all things and if God can foresee and intervene, then wouldn't it be natural for God to change all those events which might lead to martyrdom?

If I give you rather than lend you a book I do not and should not expect it back. We say that God is the giver rather than the lender of life!!! And this has made me realise that maybe it is true. Martyrdom is not what God wants but He wants us to be grateful for the gift which He gave us and use it to the full. The Gospel of Judas, makes this very clear. Judas understood the message so much so that he had no qualms in accepting that which Jesus suggested. That he should become the betrayer (and at a price) to set the plan of salvation in motion.

In this light, Judas almost becomes a hero in my eyes. Someone I should really thank because through his acceptance, I have been saved and redeemed, through the passion of my Saviour !!!

The Best Day I Remember (08.09.2004)

The best day I remember
Is the Second Day of December.
The day when Fate,
Which is so Sweet,
Decided that You and Me

The best day of my Life.
I have never ever felt this much alive.
The day when Light,
Which is so Pure,
Decided that You and Me
Be together,

Ah what a lovely little poem. It is indeed one of the very short poems I ever wrote but very much to the point. There are those days in our lives which Time will never (because it cannot)steal away from us but are eternally locked in the depths of our hearts and souls. This is such a day for me. It was the beginning of my second birth where suddenly life became meaningful. It was the day when life felt like it was going somewhere and going somewhere with someone who was also going somewhere. It was the day where for the first time ever I started to believe that goodness can actually exist and walk on two legs !!! It was the day where my old life died (happily) and a new one started. A very special and precious day.

I know that years have passed, and Time does somehow manipulate us in its own way. Time brings change and change can be either for the better or for the worse, but let me tell you this ..... the nature of that Love has remained the same. Thanks for everything. XXX