Monday, April 9, 2012

He Is Alive !!

He is Risen !! The Son of God is Risen from the dead !! Christians have to believe in this great mystery in order to be able to call themselves Christians because this is the ultimate proof that Jesus Christ was not just another holy man but truly the Son of God himself !! We say it over and over and over again ... we are expected to believe it without even sifting it and when you think about, this claim is not light at all .. it carries a great message and one requires faith to believe and accept it wholeheartedly !! Am I right?

Jesus our Lord is Saviour is no longer dead which of course implies that He is alive. This is something which I have always struggled with not because I find it hard to believe but because I don't exactly know what the message really means and what the implications really are !!! Unfortunately, my Church did not quite help me in understanding this cornerstone of faith but rather made me believe and accept it without even questioning like I was created a vegetable rather than a rational human being ... at least, that is how I see it !!! I was never really made to sit down and taught about this great mystery. All I was told is that it is a great mystery and one has to simply believe it. Ok, that much I can do but why does God give us a rational mind and then are not expected to use it, ask questions, doubt, wonder and all that? Of course, what God created is good and so is the human rational mind. So why does it somehow because an unnecessary natural tool?

He is alive !! What does the statement really mean though? The fact that Jesus is alive, how should that be lived in my life ... If this statement is true, I can't just be happy with believing it without being somehow moved and affected by it .. I mean come on .... what one is claiming here is not that 1 + 1 = 2 ... what we are saying here is that Jesus who truly died on the Cross that gloomy and horrible Friday afternoon is the same Jesus who was not found in His tomb a couple of days later ... so you see, it is not like this event happens every day and to everyone, and yet I find that even though I don't have a problem in accepting it (for me there is nothing which God cannot do) yet it somehow is beyond me, I don't understand it or else I don't quite appreciate it enough ... What should: He is Risen mean to me then? How should I somehow make this statement part of my life? How am I going to prove with my life that He is indeed Risen?

I need some answers here because I surely don't have them. Kindly answer me !!!!