Tuesday, July 27, 2010

God's Beauty

When I look at this image one thing only comes to mind: God's beauty. There is something about nature which for me reflects the face of God. I took this shot last winter at Ghar Lapsi on a very windy day. Photography for me is not just about capturing and freezing precious moments, but it is also an opportunity to connect with the Divine. We are surrounded by God's beauty and yet for me it is the sea which speaks the loudest!! Either it's because I live here on this awesome island (Malta) but for some reason or other, the sea is God's stamp. I cannot be faraway from the sea for too long. I just feel like I am not actually living but existing when I am not able to see it for more than three or four days. It is so much a part of me. It gives me that which I need in order to feel the soul stirring within me. Unfortunately, it has claimed many lives and it will continue doing so, yet when I gaze at it, I just can't help but wonder about our coming into existence.

Charles Darwin's theory might be flawed in many ways, but that life was issued from the sea is definitely a definite truth. Nothing on this planet lives without water, even our cars need water to help them run. Water is that which keeps us going. Water is that which sustains us. Water is our Exodus.

Some people have a problem with the Evolution Theory. This is something which I never quite understood. They claim that it is atheistic. But how can it be so? At the end of the day, Someone had to set this process in motion ..... whether we were instantly created or not, does not in any way support the premise that God does not exist. The First Mover (as Aristotle calls this Supreme Being) is who sets everything in motion without having to be moved.

Isn't it a comforting feeling to know that nature is still in the process of evolution? Nature is stilll alive!! Nature is dynamic!! Nature is becoming!!

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