Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are Animals More Human ???

Sometimes you look at the creatures we call 'animals' and wonder if they are more human than we are. You hear of human cruelty that not even the wildest animal would ever do. Today, I was shocked as I learnt about the case of Khyra, a seven-year-old girl who was starved to death by her own mother and her partner. You just cannot help but wonder: what is this?

I have always said and believed that certain animals can really and truly teach us to be human. They live their lives out of values (we never grant them that but they do - their sense of fairness supersedes ours). They tend to overcome difficulties much faster than we do. They do not quite bother much with differences in species - and us - you're black, you're white, you're straight, you're gay, you're this and you're that. Still, we think that we are the pinnacle of creation. Why are we so arrogant to assume that? Why do we assume that animals do not have souls? My gosh, if animals don't have souls, I wonder who does !!

We say that we are rational and free to choose. Consequently, we are responsible for our actions. For this reason, our crimes (shortcomings) even worse. We cannot say that we are not to be blamed. We are not only animals but rational animals according to Aristotle and this is going to be our condemnation on Judgement Day. We were given reason, and yet we do not always use it as we should. Animals are innocent, we can never be !!! Is all this the result of or lack of a soul within?

The human in the picture is Felix: our family cat !!!!


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