Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Changelessness of Change !!!

Ah well it has to be admitted that time never stops and it is constantly changing that which it finds in its way. Every time I come across a gentleman like this one (I took this picture in Gozo last year at San Lawrenz), I just stop and think: gosh, this guy was a young child once so completely different from who he is today. Needless to say, it does not necessarily mean that he was better off because ultimately we can never tell where exactly people are in their own very souls. But it fascinates me how we change, how mortal we are, how transcient life is ... how nothing ever remains the same ..... and then of course, I took a good long look at myself and realised that the transformation I had pondered on is actually happening to me as well. The same speed !!! Maybe this guy entered the world before me but apart from that ... the process is the same.

How strange and yet fascinating it all is. We think that we are here forever. We believe that only other people can die but not us and our loved ones. And then ... it happens. Suddenly, we realise that we are all the same fishes (different shapes and colours) in the same ocean after all. And for this reason, life should never be taken for granted. A life taken for granted is death !!! At least that is how I see it. We need to be more awefilled, we need to be more childlike (not childish of course). We need to realise that due to the fact that we had a start, we must also admit that we also have a finish !!! We don't know exaclty when and how ... but there it is !!! It's just a question of more time, more aging, more changes !!!

Life is a precious gift ................. let's treat it so !!!


  1. no le temo a la vejes tengo 65 años y un hijo de cuatro meses,la vida me sorprende dia a dia,soy musico y escritor Argentino,queres conocerme
    guillermocharangofurlong.blogspot.com en mi blog hablo del amor por mi familia,si entras por favor deja tu comentario,saludos y espero saber de ti ,yo te acompañare en tu blog

  2. dear Guillermo .... can you please translate this into English? I'm getting the gist of what you are saying but I cannot quite understand it completely.

    Thanks and take care