Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What is Beauty?

I took this picture around two years ago. I remember it was a very cold day and yet the sunset was just spectacular. I had never seen such a deep orange sky aligned perfectly with deep black clouds. And I remember saying to myself: can all this beauty be accidental? Can all this beauty be contingent? Is it possible that there is an Artist somewhere out of our reach (or deep down inside us) who is creating all this beauty and perfection?

These moments are intensely spiritual. The body stops participating in time and for some reason or other, it just freezes and contemplates that which the eyes are perceiving. And then Plato came to mind: What is Beauty? How do we comprehend it? We never really see it walking down the street in a physical form and yet we understand it and recognise it when we are confronted by it. Is it the case that we are born with the IDEA BEAUTY? Is Beauty an objective truth which exists even if we do not perceive it? As human beings we do not evaluate things the same but still, we all seem to have the same measurements embedded deep within us. Where did these IDEAS come from? Are they ETERNAL? Are they CREATED? And if they were CREATED who CREATED them? Who brought them into existence?

On the other hand, what about those places/landscapes which are not as beautiful? Shall we say that there is no IDEA to match them? Or is it the case the they are the result of the IDEA BEAUTY's lack of participation? Could it also be the case that we just don't perceive it as beautiful but in actual fact it is because everything created is beautiful?

I don't know what the answers to these questions are or can be. I would appreciate some opinions for sure !!!

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