Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Universe (10.09.2004)

We are Lonely Beings
In this Universe
Which scares us Shitless
Because She has a Mind and a Heart
Of Her Own.

We believe that everything
Revolves around us.
But we revolve around everything.
We are the Object of the Universe’s Hatred!!!

She Drowns us when She wants to.
She Shakes us when She wants to.
She Flicks us when She wants to.
She Scorches us when She wants to.

And we are Helpless
And Thankful that it was Others
Who Perished and not Us
Yet petrified that the Day might come
When She decides to pay us an Unexpected Visit
And uses Her awesome Authority
Given to Her by the Almighty.

An Authority which we are
Too Weak and Pathetic
To fight against, even though
Some of us do believe that we are Indispensable.
The Universe can only not exist
Without Herself.

Gosh this is a bit of a bleak poem. I cannot quite remember what inspired me to write it but a catastrophe must have taken place back then. Maybe a Natural Disaster which stayed with me. Or it could have also been the case of some Politician giving the impression that the sun will never rise without his Consent. Actually, the latter sounds more like it !!

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