Friday, September 3, 2010

You're right, it's wrong !!!

It cannot be denied that cigarettes kill. I have been reading about this over and over again, and yet what do I do? I still smoke !! But why ??? Why is it that for some reason or other I cannot find it in myself to give them up. Why am I so stupid that I allow something so inanimate destroy the animate in me? Lately I've been suffering from bronchitis quite frequently and now I'm starting to wonder: could it be that smoking is telling me that I ought to stop before it stops me ? I think that this can easily be the case.

Why is it that there are certain things in life which we know are wrong, and yet treat them as if they are right? Smoking is only but just one example. There are countless of examples (and here I would like you to think of your own) and reflect upon this truth. Sometimes we know that saying one word less will prove to be more beneficial and yet we go on and say that one word which at the end of the day causes us distress and sadness. On the other hand, we might also feel that doing something, which can be an inconvenience for us, can actually brighten up our day and yet we fail to do that. At least, this happens to me and it happens to me on regular basis and then I end up saying to myself: but what has stopped me? What has robbed me of happiness, light, peace and internal harmony.

Could that little voice deep deep down inside be God's? And why do we not take it as seriously as we ought to? The consequences of what our actions are going to have are usually known to us, like for example smoking: we know that smoking is not a healthy thing and yet we (smokers) persist and if that is not madness, I just don't know what madness is ...... To do consciously that which is obviously wrong is a crime/sin in actual fact. We can't say that we didn't know, the media is on and on and on about it. We can't say that it is not true: statistics speak for themselves, and yet .......... I keep on smoking. What's wrong with me ??

When am I going to realise that life is not a joke, life is precious, life is a loan, that life is beautiful, life is holy, life is finite ............ ?? I'm sure that for some reason or other this truth has not as yet sunk in ..... if it had, I would not light the next cigarette.

My stupidity disgusts me at times !! Does it disgust you ???