Thursday, August 5, 2010

How Can I Ever .... (08.09.2004)

How Funny Life is
At times.
Strange things happen …
We might not always manage to understand
While they’re shaping up
But nonetheless
They make Perfect Sense
After they’ve happened.

God works in Mysterious Ways
That I believe
For I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.
It’s needed to endure pain
Because then
You can understand
The Beauty of Beautiful Things.
We need Opposites …
… To Understand
… To Experience
… To Appreciate

How can I ever dare to say I’m Happy
If I was never deeply Sad?
How can I ever think to say I’m Living
If I was never deeply Dead?

How can I ever dare to say I’m Rich
If I was never truly Poor?
How can I ever think of saying I’m Loving
If my heart was never truly Sore?

This picture was taken last year during one awesome winter afternoon walk. This area is magnificent as it is purely natural and thus it brings God to my higher level of consciousness.

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