Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Artist Called God !!!

Sometimes we go to museums and marvel at the genuinely awesome paintings that we see hung on the walls and in window frames. And of course, that sense of awe is legitimate because what our eyes perceive somehow reaches deep inside and touches our souls and it feels just like someone threw a bucket of ice cold water over our heads and for some seconds our breathing stops. Again ... I say that this feeling is legitimate and justified. People have this 'divine spark' (William Blake) and it is powerful and breath-taking, or rather it can be if used well.

However, we fail to see the work of a much greater artist whose name is God !! I believe the problem is OVER-FAMILIARITY. Our eyes have grown accustomed to His work and we expect Him to keep painting wonderful scenes and landscapes around us .... and thus, we stop appreciating His art which is a shame and also the death of what inspired and moves our souls within.

Our World is God's Art Studio and yet we do not grasp its meaning. We take it as given that the sun should rise and set every day and yet we do not stop and appreciate the particular beautiful art that is taking place ... that is happening ... that is shaping up right before our eyes. Why is it that we have stopped appreciating the wonders around us? We are always in waiting for some miracle or other and then when we are faced with one we just let it pass us by because we have not even recgonised it as a miracle in the first place. God never stops painting and creating. He is in his Art Studio every second of every day and He even asks us to help Him paint a nicer world. However, we are free to either accept or reject.

We should change our attitude. We should not be blind while we can still see. Why do we have to lose something in order to appreciate it? Why can't we appreciate it while we have it and while it lasts? What is the point of wanting to see another sunset when we're blind, when we can see them every day and yet act as if we are already blind?

I took this picture last year and for me it is a typical photo of what God's Studio looks like. Impressive ... breath-taking .... inspiring .... powerful ......... come on, let's work with God and continue creating a beautiful world together !!!!


  1. "What immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry?"

    The artist inspired by God's art. Blake with words and illustrations, you with photography:)

  2. thanks alot dear Mario for your encouraging comment. William Blake is such an eternal poet ....... apart from his timeless songs of innocence and experience, he also brings so many lovely university memories back to life !!! keep well and once again, thanks